By Delia Sfetcu 

A lot of our charity work has this year focused on supporting children and families from less fortunate backgrounds and on assisting women who found themselves in extreme life situations. Our grants were used, for example, for improving their living conditions and enabling greater access to healthcare and education. We are very grateful that our grants could help where possible.

IWA has also supported other causes. For example, a number of projects focused on adults and children with physical and mental disabilities. I would like to tell you a bit more about one of them.

Help the People is a charity that has benefited from IWA grants three times since 2014. It is a small non-profit association (NGO) that was founded in 2013 by a mother of Paula, – a child with mental disability. Despite Paula’s smile and her beautiful face, without her mother’s help, it would be difficult for her to be independent and integrated into society.

Mariana Neculae succeeded to create a small community for young people and adults with disabilities where they have an opportunity to belong, to express themselves, to be happy and to seek a purpose whilst feeling accepted and protected by others. They are meeting five times a week in the centre in Berceni where they make things – crafting and sewing tablecloths, bedspreads and toys. All products that they create are then sold to sustain the running of the centre.

In their initial grant request the NGO asked for funds for three laptops and a projector in the total value of 11000 RON. Their second grant request for 8000 RON was for sewing machines and stitching materials. This year IWA awarded the association 22000 RON for repair works of the centre’s roof and for the renovation of the kitchen.  Without our help, the NGO could not get the state’s authorisation to continue and the centre risked being closed.

We have invited Help the People to take part in our events so that they can promote their work to a wider audience and sell their unique, handcrafted products as well as to encourage their independence. 

If you want to be part of our charity work either as a volunteer or as a sponsor please get in touch at We’ll be happy to chat with you

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